Infant Adoption Program

Infant Adoption Program

The Center for Youth and Family Solutions understands the many feelings individuals and couples experience as they discover they will not be able to biologically add a child to their family. We know exploring other ways to bring children into your family can be confusing or overwhelming. There are so many things to think about and many options to consider. Our Adoption staff is here to help you learn more about Adoption.

Our Infant Adoption Program is an open adoption program rooted in the values of respect, choice and child-centered thinking. We educate every adoptive family and birth parent on the child-centered benefits of openness so they can make an informed decision and a conscious choice regarding options for an open relationship with one another.

There are three different components to the Agency-Assisted Infant Adoption program:

  • Caucasian Heritage
  • Multi-racial Heritage (parents of two different races)
  • Minority Heritage (parents of same minority races)

Once you inquire into the program, you will be contacted by an Adoption Specialist. Our staff provides you with general information so you can make informed decisions about your next step. Many prospective adoptive parent(s) find meeting face-to-face with an Adoption Specialist is the best way to learn about the program.

We understand that considering adoption involves making many decisions about things you have never considered. Our Infant Orientation process allows you to learn more about the Infant Adoption process before committing to the parent training and home-study process. The orientation is a two-evening (approximately 5 hours) process in which prospective parents:

  • Explore the agency’s expectations
  • Discuss the meaning of Open and Value Based Adoptions
  • Meet birth parents and adoptive parents who have made an adoption plan
  • Consider their ability to actively participate in an open adoption

When the orientation is completed, the prospective adoptive parents meet with their Adoption Specialist and decide on the best option for beginning their adoption journey. The next step in the Infant Adoption program is the three-day parent training and home-study. This training prepares prospective adoptive parents for their lifelong role in raising a child brought into their family through adoption.

When the parent training and home-study process is completed, the agency utilizes a matching system that allows birth parents to consider families based on common values, a profile book and a DVD presentation. Your Adoption Specialist will assist you in preparing for the identification process and provide guidance throughout the remainder of your adoption experience.

As your adoption journey unfolds, you will be faced with new and sometimes challenging situations. Our staff believes each adoption experience is as unique as the individuals involved. Therefore, we are with you every step of the way. Your Adoption Specialist is there when you meet the birth parent who has chosen you, when the baby is born and when decisions are being made about placement and finalization. Our commitment to our adoptive families does not end when your adoption is finalized. Our staff continues to provide you and your family with lifelong adoptive services, such as post-adoption counseling, support groups, parent trainings, potlucks, picnics and other special events.

For more information on the Infant Adoption Program, contact an Adoption Specialist