Adoption Testimonials

Why Choose CYFS Adoption Program?

“Adoption has given us the opportunity to be parents. After years of infertility, we were feeling hopeless in our pursuit of parenthood. However, through infant adoption, we have been beyond blessed as parents. We are thankful for our open adoption. While it can sometimes be a challenge, that relationship is one that can never be replaced.”

Karen and Jeremy, Bloomington

“The Adopt Waiting Children Program gave me the family I was never going to have otherwise. The support I received from the adoption staff was awesome.”

Michelle, Peru

“Prior to joining the Adopt Waiting Children program, we had been a waiting family for nearly four years in a different agency’s foster adoption program. We were so impressed with the knowledge and support of the entire AWC team. Our training was thorough and our workers listened carefully to us. It was clear by the quality of the match and the advocacy we received throughout the entire adoption process that the professionals assigned to our case had our family’s and our daughters’ best intentions in mind. Our adoption worker, therapists, and supervisor were so supportive! From our first potential placement telephone call to the first home visit to facilitating visits with our daughter’s biological siblings to the surprise placement of not just one, but two wonderful children in our home – we felt 100% prepared and nurtured by the capable AWC staff.”

Alli and Dan, Rock Island

“The agency’s adoption workers and birth parent counselors do a wonderful job at helping everyone understand the adoption process. Our adoption worker was always available to listen and help us whether that was in the very beginning when we first were considering adoption or when we were placed with our daughter. The staff continues to support you even after your placement. They are truly committed to each child and each adoptive family.”

Jim and Darcy, Ottawa

“The experience we had with the staff at The Center for Youth and Family Solutions was wonderful. We were treated respectfully and always felt our worker listened and understood us. The waiting period can be challenging but the agency support groups and special events helped us learn more about adoption, develop relationships with other adoptive parents and use our waiting time to really prepare for our role as adoptive parents. We would recommend the agency to anyone considering adoption.”

Grant and Susan, Peoria