Family Support Program (FSP)

The Family Support Program (FSP) is a state-funded program that provides access to intensive mental health services and supports to youth with a severe emotional disturbance.  The goal of the FSP is to support eligible youth and their families by strengthening family stability, improving family outcomes, and promoting community- based services.

Referral sources and intake process

A parent or legal guardian may contact our office at the number below or email our FSP coordinator directly to begin the process of applying for the Family Support Program.

If a parent chooses to complete the application without our assistance or requests a copy of the application prior to meeting with us, the application can be accessed here:

The application process includes the completion of the downloadable FSP application and other required information, such as clinical records and evaluations, that must be compiled and submitted as a complete application. Applications can be submitted directly by parents or our agency on behalf of the parents but families are strongly encouraged to submit through agencies.  This assistance is free of charge to families

Staff & Locations

Bloomington, Morris Ave office – (309) 820-7616

Mychele Kenney, LCPC SASS Supervisor / FSP Coordinator / Therapist


The FSP program is funded by the IL Department of Healthcare and Family Services.

Main Services
  • Application and appeal assistance
  • Assistance in determining level of treatment needed (residential vs. specialized community mental health services), referrals for needed services (e.g. residential, specialized therapies, etc.), and provision of Rule 132 mental health services (assessment, treatment planning, therapy/counseling, community support, case management, and vocational assessment/assistance).