Adoption Search & Reunion Services

Adoption Search Referral Process

The Center for Youth and Family Solutions assists anyone considering an adoption search by helping them understand both the search and reunion processes, including the psychological, social and legal factors.

We can conduct searches for any member of the adoption process. In addition to searches for adoptions completed through The Center for Youth and Family Solutions, we may also be able to assist with searches related to Illinois adoptions involving other agencies that do not provide search and reunion services.

For more information, please contact Mary Kay Collins at (815) 223-4007.

Whether the adoption was completed by CYFS or another agency in the state of Illinois, the first step in the process is to contact the CYFS Search Case Manager. Every search and reunion situation is different, and our staff can provide important information to help the client determine the best way to proceed.

The Search Case Manager will outline the process and services available, and gather information regarding the history of the adoption. We then send the client written materials to review and complete. Before any information can be released, the client must provide:

  • A photocopy of their birth certificate
  • Government issued ID
  • Notarized letter or note requesting what specific information/services they want – search, reunion, and/or non-identifying social/medical information
  • A signed informed consent
  • A signed release of information allowing the placing agency to provide The Center for Youth & Family Solutions access to the file
  • A signed agreement to pay CYFS for services along with the fee and the adoption registry forms

The search process may take several months to complete. During that time, the Search Case Manager is available to provide updates on the search. The Search Case Manager will also help the client process the outcome of the search, which may include:

  • Preparing for a reunion
  • Coping with not being able to participate in a reunion
  • Understanding the next steps of the process

To learn more about search in the state of Illinois, check out the Illinois Adoption Registry