Child Abuse Reporting Hotline

It is important for everyone to take child abuse and neglect seriously to protect all children in our community. Please contact the State of Illinois Child Abuse Hotline if you think a child needs help:

1-800-25-ABUSE (Illinois)

1-800-358-5117 (TTY)

217-524-2606 (outside Illinois)

When should I call?

You should call the child abuse hotline whenever you believe that a person who is caring for the child, who lives with the child, or who works with or around children has caused injury or harm or put the child at risk of physical injury.

What are some signs?

If you see marks on a child’s body that do not appear to have been caused by accident.

If a child tells you that he or she has been harmed by someone.

If a child appears to be undernourished, is dressed inappropriately for severe weather, or is young and has been left alone.

These are a few situations when you should call the hotline. Use your own judgement, and call the hotline whenever you think a child has been abused or neglected.