I’m Pregnant… How Do I Tell My Parents?

I’m Pregnant… How Do I Tell My Parents?
What am I going to tell them? How will they react?

It’s not easy to go to your parents with the news that you are pregnant. Every family is different. Our Crisis Pregnancy Counselors can help you plan for the best way to talk with your parents.

Don’t Put it Off!

Despite your fears, try to talk with others who love and support you. Unless there is a safety concern, it is best to talk with your parents as soon as possible. More than likely they will find out — and may even have suspicions now. They would rather hear the news from you than from someone else. No matter what you decide is the best plan, you will need support.

Plan Your Approach

Now is the best time to consider how you will approach your parents. You know your parents. You know their way of dealing with problems. You may want to wait until a time when they are the most relaxed. Try to talk with them at a time when they can give you their undivided attention.

You might consider having someone with you when you talk with your parents. You could ask another family member, a friend or a friend of your parents to be with you while you talk with your parents. A counselor from The Center for Youth and Family Solutions is another option. Sometimes, it’s easier to have someone with you if you are not comfortable talking with your parents by yourself.

You might also practice by telling someone supportive. Be prepared for a range of reactions you might get from others.

What Should I Say?

Be honest and let your parents know you need their support now more than ever. Your parents are going to have emotions and there is no way for you to protect them from their emotions. The best approach is to be truthful and to let them know how they could best support you.

Some Additional Tips:
  • Write a letter if talking is too difficult. This can give you an opportunity to share your news in a different way. Follow up your letter with a face-to-face conversation. It is best to not use email or text messaging to deliver this type of news.
  • Explain how you are feeling, what you need and why you are telling them.
  • Give your loved ones time to process their initial emotions.
  • Do not make any important decisions based on the first responses of others.

Our Crisis Pregnancy Counselors are caring professionals who understand you are facing many life-changing decisions. Their role is to listen and help you understand each of your options so you can decide on your next steps. Our counselors can meet with your parents, if you would like, to help them deal with their feelings, and learn how to help you as you plan for your future.

  • Will I raise this baby or consider adoption or abortion?
  • Who will support my decision?
  • Will I continue to go to school?
  • Will the birth father be involved in the child’s life?
  • Who will be financially responsible for the baby?

The answers to these questions often depend on the support you receive. You may wish that you had made different choices, but by using your support system, you will be able to make the best decision.

For more information and support contact your local CYFS Crisis Pregnancy Counselor, or call our after hours number at (800) 852-4294.