Care & Share Program

Care & Share Program

One of our most important services is Medically Complex Foster Care. We serve 50 Illinois children ranging from newborns to teenagers who in addition to being victims of traumatic child abuse or neglect, are also diagnosed with serious medical conditions that require intensive medical assistance and specific equipment such as wheel chair ramps, specialized car seats that can be reclined in forward facing position, and medical strollers, just to name a few.

These children often go without recommended medical equipment and supplies. While most equipment and supplies should be provided through Medicaid, there is often a lengthy wait for funding approval. Typically, only minimal supplies are approved and requests for necessary medical equipment are frequently denied despite doctor’s notes, pictures, situational documentation, and multiple requests and resubmissions. During this lengthy approval process, the child’s needs go unmet and the child’s foster parents struggle to provide the complex care he or she requires.

To help these children thrive and meet their needs, The Center for Youth and Family Solutions started Care&Share – a program that provides critical equipment temporarily to foster families until the child’s specific equipment is approved.  When the equipment is no longer needed, it is “checked back in” and provided to another child who may need it.

Take for instance one of our youth in care- who is a one year old boy who has severe brain injuries due to the lack of oxygen.  He is not able to hold his little head up and needs to sit upright for feedings and could benefit from a specialized tumbleseat. 

Won’t you consider becoming one our Wellness Champions by supporting this program through your monetary donation?  Every penny we raise will go directly to purchasing medical supplies – like the tumbleseat- that our families are in desperate need of having.  Be a part of the solution!

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Are you in the medical industry and have the ability to get medical equipment?  Contact our Program Coordinator, Tiffany Beschorner at today!