Our Mission

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our mission statement reflects the belief in the enduring strength, creativity, and perseverance of the human and community spirit to respond to and resolve life challenges.

The Center for Youth and Family Solutions engages and serves children and families in need with dignity, compassion, and respect by building upon individual and community strengths to resolve life challenges together.

The same core values that guided us during the creation of The Center for Youth and Family Solutions will be our benchmarks and beacons of hope as we partner with children, families and communities from all walks of life in solving the challenges in the family life cycle in modern society. Collaboration; partnership; sharing a common goal; belief in the strength of the human spirit; treating all with dignity, compassion, and respect; and achieving excellence.

In every situation, we focus on the innate strengths of all people with whom we work. We treat everyone with dignity, compassion and respect. Furthermore, we demonstrate that with the right support and resources all people can achieve solutions in their lives.  Finally, we use the National Association of Social Work (NASW) Code of Ethics to guide our work as referenced here.

Achieving Solutions Together

Please join us as we strive to achieve solutions for families and communities across the state.