Adoptive Parent Requirements

Requirements and Qualities of The Center for Youth and Family Solutions Adoptive Parents
  • Be either a single person or a couple that has been together for at least one year. Please be aware that, while every situation is unique, it has been our experience that the majority of birth parents express a preference to place with couples. As a result, single individuals wishing to adopt through our Domestic Infant Adoption Program typically experience a lengthy wait.
  • Possess adequate support from family, friends and the community regarding their decision to adopt.
  • Be (a) stable, law abiding, responsible, mature individual(s) who is at least 21 years of age and capable of passing a child abuse/neglect and criminal background check.
  • Provide the names of family and unrelated individuals to attest to the applicant’s character.
  • Prove sufficient resources to provide basic necessities for themselves and the children to be adopted. It is strongly recommended that the applicant(s) have health and life insurance.
  • Have an understanding of their own sense of personal history and how that helped form their values and beliefs about racial, cultural and religious similarities and differences.
  • Be committed to and capable of serving as a link between the child and their birth family, regardless of differences.
  • Be in good physical condition, and agree to have this verified by a physical examination as part of the home-study process.

Please note applicant(s) who previously worked with another agency must be willing to sign a release of information.