Infant Adoption Process: Orientation Parent Training And Home Study

Infant Adoption Process: Orientation Parent Training And Home Study

As a prospective adoptive parent, once you make an inquiry into the Infant Adoption Program, a general inquiry packet is sent out and an adoption specialist will contact you to schedule a face-to-face appointment. During this first meeting, you will be given information on all of the options provided by The Center for Youth and Family Solutions Adoption Services and specific information about the Infant Adoption Program.

If you and the adoption specialist agree that our Infant Adoption Program is a good match, you will be provided information on the parent orientation, parent training and home-study process.

There are three different components to the Infant Adoption Program:

  • Caucasian Heritage
  • Multi-racial Heritage (parents of two different races)
  • Minority Heritage (parents of same minority races)

You will be asked to consider which component will be the best fit for your circumstance. You may choose one or all three components.


Learn more about the infant adoption process by attending the Infant Adoption Orientation.

The orientation allows prospective adoptive parents to understand the realities of infant adoption before they commit to the parent training and homestudy process. The orientation is a two-evening (or 5 hour) process by which prospective parents:

  • Explore the agency’s expectations, clarification and pledge
  • Discuss the meaning of open and value-based adoptions
  • Meet birth parents and adoptive parents who have made an adoption plan
  • Consider their ability to actively participate in an open adoption

When the orientation is completed, the prospective adoptive parents meet with their adoption specialist and decide on the best option for beginning their adoption journey.

Parent Training and Home study

The next step in the Infant Adoption Program is the three-day parent training and home study. At this time, the applicants complete the paperwork process for State of Illinois foster care licensure.

Prior to home-study approval, the prospective adoptive parents will supply their adoption specialist with four copies of their profiles and a DVD presentation. These are the profiles and DVDs that birth parents will view when considering their adoption plan.

When the parent training and home study are complete, the written home study will be presented to the adoption committee for consideration. It should be noted that prospective adoptive parents pay a fee to participate in the orientation, parent training and for the home-study assessment process. This does not guarantee home-study approval. Any concerns regarding home-study approval will be addressed with the applicant as soon as they are identified. This may include specifically developing a service plan identifying how the agency can support the family in overcoming any obstacles to adoption.

Upon home-study approval, the adoption specialist will meet with the prospective adoptive parents to address any remaining concerns or questions, review the profile and DVD presentation, and complete the “Agreement to Pay Adoption Fees” contract.

It is important to note that our infant adoption parent training is a Department of Children and Family Services approved curriculum.