Foster Parent Licensing Process

Your first step to becoming a foster parent is to contact your local CYFS Foster Care Licensing Caseworker. Click here to Contact the Foster Licensing Program.

During the initial phone call, your worker will review the Foster Parent Requirements and ensure that you meet the qualifications for foster parenting. The next step is to send you an informational packet and schedule an opportunity to meet with you in person. This first meeting is conveniently scheduled in your home and provides an opportunity to address the many questions you may have.

When the licensing worker and you are ready to move forward you will:

  • Be informed of the Foster PRIDE class schedule. When you identify a time and place that is most convenient for you, your worker will register you in the
    class. The PRIDE classes will help you learn more about the Department of Children and Family Services and the needs of the children who come into its care.
  • Be asked to complete an application for foster parent licensure
  • Be given the appropriate paperwork and instructions on getting fingerprinted for criminal background checks.
  • Be given instructions on getting physical exams by your doctor.
  • Participate in the CYFS Foster Homestudy Process. This includes:
    • Group and individual training
    • Interviews with all household members
    • Home visit(s) to ensure the home is safe and has adequate space for a child
  • Learn how you can participate in our Foster Parent Support Groups and Advisory Board

The foster care licensing process takes on average 3-6 months to complete. Your licensing worker will assist you every step of the way and keep you informed of your progress.

Once you have your foster parent license, your home will be considered for placement of a child.

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Foster Parent Law