Considering Your Options: Raising Your Baby

“Becoming a parent is a life long commitment. Am I ready?”

Because the pregnancy was not planned, it is only natural to feel overwhelmed. Things may seem a little out of control. Visiting with one of our Crisis Pregnancy Counselors can help you learn more about the options available and regain your focus. If you are considering raising your baby, you will need to prepare for the many changes that will take place.

We Can Help yOU
  • Understand how your life will change and what you will need to become an effective and loving parent.
  • Identify your supports. Upon your request, our counselors can provide counseling to your family or the baby’s birth father to help everyone prepare for his/her role once the baby is here.
  • Consider your plans for after the baby is born. Such things as child care and your employment or educational needs can be addressed.
  • Understand the legalities of child support and establishing paternity.
  • Connect with community resources that will help you as you raise your baby.
  • Develop stress management, communication and conflict resolution skills that will enhance both your life and the life of your baby.
  • Connect with professionals who can assist you with parenting education and support in your local community.

To learn more about how our Pregnancy Planning and Family Support Services, call our After Hours Adoption Counseling Center (800) 852-4294 or contact an Adoption Specialist.