Understanding Foster Parent Payments

UPDATE: As a foster parent, you are an important part of the child welfare team. Thank you for all you do to provide a safe and loving home to the children who come into foster care. We know there is no dollar amount large enough to truly compensate you for all of the work you do on behalf of our children. We also know your motivation to care for the children goes far beyond any monetary compensation. However, with that being said, we are happy to inform you that, effective July 1, 2014, DCFS has worked with our legislators to approve a 4% increase for licensed traditional and relative foster parents.

Understanding Foster Parent Payments

Please review the Foster Parent Reimbursement Rate Table which provides the rate breakdown by the age of the child and the program. The clothing and allowance rate is also listed.

When Will I Be Paid for Being a Foster Parent?

Foster parent checks are written on the 25th of the month, following the month of service. If the 25th falls on the weekend or holiday, we mail the check out the day before. For example, checks will be mailed on February 25th for service provided in January.

Once a foster home becomes licensed, CYFS begins paying the home, not DCFS. DCFS will usually send notification to start paying the foster home effective the 1st of the following month. For example, if a home becomes licensed in January, DCFS would send notice to begin paying effective February 1st. This means CYFS will mail the home a payment check on March 25th.

How are Unlicensed Relative Foster Parents Compensated?

Unlicensed relative foster parents can expect to receive a check around the 20th of the month from DCFS. Once they become licensed relative foster parents through CYFS, the payment will come from CYFS. Again, this check will be mailed on the 25th of the month.

If you have further questions, please contact your licensing worker.