Group Education Services

The Center for Youth and Family Solutions offers a parenting course based on the Nurturing Parenting Program, an evidence-based, parenting curriculum. Our program is usually offered as a 10-week class focusing on different aspects of parenting and enhancing parents’ ability to nurture both themselves and their children.

Parents will be empowered with new knowledge and skills in order to effectively parent their children. The program is geared to help all types of families and is grounded with five principles: Appropriate Expectations, Empathy, Non-Violent Discipline, Appropriate Family Roles, and Power and Independence.

The Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory (AAPI-2) is used as an evaluation tool both at the start of the course and again at the end in order to measure parent changes within these five areas.

For additional information on the Nurturing Parenting Program, please visit their website.


What is Mediation?

Mediation is a confidential process in which the mediator helps people have conversations with each other in the interest of settling disputes. A mediator is neutral and does not take sides. In mediation, people often get a better understanding of how others feel. You have the chance to make decisions that are acceptable to everyone involved and decide what to do next. Mediation encourages all parties to redefine their future, rather than repeating their past conflicts. It is a cooperative process that utilizes negotiation, rather than power or control.

Benefits of Mediation

Mediation typically costs much less and takes less time than settling disputes through litigation. It also results in a high success rate. This process allows the parties to be in control of the outcome while focusing on concerns and solutions. Mediation improves communication among all of those involved.

Expectations of Mediation

Because the mediator must remain unbiased, the parties will not involve the mediator in any legal processes. The mediator will maintain a controlled and respectful environment in order to facilitate logical resolution, rather than emotional upheaval. The mediator will ensure both parties have the opportunity to be heard.

Mediation should be entered into in good faith. It is expected that all parties make genuine efforts to resolve their issues and trust that the opposing party is trying to do things differently.


CYFS attempts to provide the highest quality of service. Our mediation staff is composed of therapists with educational backgrounds in Marriage and Family Therapy, Social Work, Psychology and related disciplines. Our mediators hold Master’s level clinical licenses, receive 40+ hours of specific mediation training and have hundreds of hours of direct experience.


Standard mediation fees are $250 per party. We also offer a sliding fee scale, based on income and number of dependents for those who cannot afford to pay the full fee. Each party is responsible for their own hourly fee.


Daytime and evening appointments are available Monday through Friday.

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