Comments From Those We Serve

Often the words of our clients are our best feedback to help us assess our impact and to strive to keep improving services.

I was extremely nervous going into Mediation. I was prepared to feel walked all over. I was so pleased with our mediator. She helped us hear each other. Thank you for your help!

I was feeling so helpless with my daughter’s destructive behaviors. The support was wonderful and counseling giving me hope again was the greatest gift.

If it was not for our therapist I would have fallen apart after my daughter died. Through you I found strength I did not know I had. Thank you very much.

My therapist showed me how to deal with my stress and anger-things I would never have thought of. But it worked wonderfully. She made me feel like a person and strong. I will miss her. She has done so much for me.

My therapist was wonderful. She challenged me on my issues and I was able to grow from dealing with them. I have not had a therapist challenge me before like she did. I would and will recommend CYFS to others in the future.

When I first started meeting with my therapist I didn’t think it would help us. After time passed I started feeling better about my parenting skills. She was easy to talk to and non judgemental. I am so glad to have had the chance to meet her.