Our Outcomes

Our Outcomes

The Center for Youth and Family Solutions is committed to measuring our results and sharing program outcomes. Because the children and families we serve are facing serious crisis situations and coping with traumatic experiences, it is imperative that we are able to demonstrate the effectiveness of our services. Providing our stakeholders with up-to-date information on client outcomes and the impact of our work is how we demonstrate the impact of CYFS services in our communities. Here is a snap-shot of our FY19 Outcomes:

We value treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Life is difficult for many people. The trauma of abuse, the deprivation of neglect, the bleakness of depression, the loneliness of grief, the disruption of family crisis- these are some of the challenges that bring people to our agency. In response, last year we provided the necessary tools and support to 18,937 people for healing, helped people learn new skills, and to linked them to the life-enhancing resources necessary to achieve a better future.

We cultivate hope and the belief that change is possible. Period.  

Adoption Services

  • Our Adoption Program placed 228 children with loving adoptive families this year. It is our goal that every child we serve has a loving place to call home and a forever family.


Comprehensive Behavioral Health Counseling

  • Our therapists helped transform the lives of 8,910 individuals who were dealing with emotional and relationship difficulties.86% of our Counseling clients reported the services they received were effective in helping them resolve the issue that brought them into counseling, and they maintained progress six months later

We value achieving solutions.

We believe those we serve are the most important part of the solution- it starts with them- with their innate potential.

Child Welfare

  • Through reunification and adoption, our child welfare team helped 426 children achieve a safe and loving forever family with adults they trust to care for them.CYFS is ranked #1 among private agencies of comparable size for permanency, meaning that children in foster care are in a safe, stable and nurturing family with relationships that are intended to last for a lifetime. That family can be their birth, adoptive, or guardianship family.

We value excellence. 

We have a commitment to be the best we can, set high expectations, and have a passion for continued learning.

Guardian Angel Residential Program for Youth

  • Our Guardian Angel Home helped a total of 27 severely traumatized boys heal, cope and thrive.  As a model for best practices in residential treatment programming, we use the latest research in trauma and neurology and prioritize using a relational approach to working with the youth who have suffered physical and sexual abuse, and neglect.

New Day Senior Services

Our New Day Senior Service team counseled, supported and advocated for over 500 seniors.

97% of seniors served by our In-Home Counseling program continue to live independently.

This program provides in-home counseling and volunteer companion services to older adults who are facing such issues as depression, grief and loss, and a feeling of isolation. The program prevents costly and premature nursing home care.

Youth, Family, and Community Outreach

Our YFCOS team helped to stabilize 2,160 youth and their families.  Many of these family crisis situations occur where a teen has run away or has been locked out of their home, and we work with the family to de-escalate the immediate crisis and develop a safe short-term plan for the family.

81% of families receiving Norman Services had a permanent and stable place to call home.

Norman Services assist families whose children are at risk of placement in substitute care or who cannot be reunited with their parents because the parents are unable to meet the children’s subsistence needs. The primary focus of this program is to assist DCFS involved families obtain and maintain adequate housing.