Our Outcomes

Our Outcomes

The Center for Youth and Family Solutions is committed to measuring our results and sharing program outcomes. Because the children and families we serve are facing serious crisis situations and coping with traumatic experiences, it is imperative that we are able to demonstrate the effectiveness of our services. Providing our stakeholders with up-to-date information on client outcomes and the impact of our work is how we demonstrate the impact of CYFS services in our communities. Here are some recent results:

Adoption Services

  • Between July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015, our Adoption Program helped 146 children find permanent loving adoptive families.

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Counseling

  • 85% of our clients reported the reason that brought them into therapy was either better or resolved completely.
  • After six months, 82% of those receiving therapy and counseling services reported they had maintained the progress

Foster Care

  • Our Foster Care Program was able to help 319 children in foster care achieve permanency by resolving issues that brought them into care so they could return home safely, or through adoption or guardianship. At a rate of 45.34% annually, that is over 10% above the established DCFS benchmark.
  • Our Foster Care Programs exceed the State benchmarks for keeping our clients in stable caregiver parent placements and preventing unnecessary moves from one foster home to another.

Guardian Angel Residential Program for Youth

  • The average length of stay was 21.45 Months and reflects ability to provide effective treatment interventions.
  • Historically, Guardian Angel Home has been able to provide “Treatment Opportunity Days” (TODR) at higher percentages than benchmarks established by DCFS. For Gill Hall, we recently achieved a TODR rate of 100%. In Edward Hall, we achieved a rate of 100%, which is 3.2% higher than the established benchmark. This reflects the stability of the children and a low incident rate of psychiatric hospitalizations, runaways, and incarcerations.

Intact Family Services

  • 87.12% of the families served by our Intact Family Services avoided having their children placed in foster care by reducing their risks, improving their parenting skills and increasing their family stability.

New Day Senior Services

  • 98% of seniors who received in-home counseling services continue to live independently.
  • 93% of seniors receiving mental health counseling services showed improvement and made progress toward their treatment goals
  • 91% of participants in our community education classes increased their knowledge of mental health issues and community resources.

Youth, Family, and Community Outreach

Extended Family Support Program

  • 28% of the families served benefitted from a positive guardianship
  • 99.6% of satisfaction survey respondents reported being either satisfied or very satisfied with their overall experience in the program.

Home Confinement

  • 75.5% of the youth discharged from this program successfully completed services and avoided further criminal or delinquent activity while participating in our program.

Crisis Intervention for Runaways

  • Annually, 96% of all closed cases result in family reunification, preservation or a long term family-generated-placement for the youth by the time of case closure.
  • 72.7% of youth and parents responding to the satisfaction survey reported being either satisfied or very satisfied with their overall experience with the program.

After School Tutoring Programs

  • 100% of the youth in our after-school tutoring programs advanced to the next grade level.

System of Care Program

  • 91.8% of satisfaction survey respondents reported being either satisfied or very satisfied with their overall experience with the program.