Volunteer Spotlight: Kaitlin K.

Volunteer Spotlight: Kaitlin K.

20, Apr 2018

How did volunteering and donating become part of your life?
K: I started donating through my school, Morton High School. The junior class is currently working on a project called “Be the Change”. The idea is to change something around the community or some students are even taking it globally.

K: We’ve had foster kids through the agency and we’ve adopted 3 of the 7 foster kids. I chose CFYS because we were one of the families that needed the supplies and I wanted to put it back in.

(ADOPT/FOSTER) How has that impacted your life?
K: “It brings such joy to our lives and I can’t imagine not having them in our family”.

Who/What inspires you? Why?
My parents have always been an inspiration, especially with their work in foster care.

Are you a part of any extracurricular activities?
I’m Currently a junior and part of “Learn to lead” which is a group of student nominated girls that take classes to learn how to be a leader as a woman and how to step out of your comfort zone.

What are your aspirations going forward?
I plan on nursing school, I’m working on my CNA right now!

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