RSVP Program Highlights Return To Operations

RSVP Program Highlights Return To Operations

29, Oct 2015

Peoria — The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program celebrated its return to Peoria and Tazewell Counties Thursday. Federal funding for the program was cut more than a year ago, and the group was unable to link volunteers with agencies needing help. Program director Jeff Turnbull says federal funding was restored to the program earlier this summer, in a new home in the Center for Youth and Family Solutions in Peoria. He says the program was then able to re-open projects for volunteering seniors:

“Working in different social services and hospitals, working in parks and tutoring children. So we’ve got a pretty good head start on that and I’m feeling pretty confident we’ll be able to match that.”

Turnbull says the federal funding requires the group sign-up at least 165 volunteers.

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