Program Spotlight:  Adoption Conversion and Infant Adoption

Program Spotlight: Adoption Conversion and Infant Adoption

29, May 2020

In this week’s program spotlight, we focus on how our Adoption Conversion and Infant Adoption programs continue to provide services during the pandemic and shelter in place.
When a decision is reached that a child in foster care cannot return to the care of the biological parents, the child’s foster family may be asked to consider becoming the child’s forever family. The transition from being a foster family to being a forever family through the process of adoption involves the Adoption Conversion Program. Additionally, our Infant Adoption Program is an open adoption program rooted in the values of respect, choice, and child-centered thinking. We educate every adoptive family and birth parent on the child-centered benefits of openness so they can make an informed decision and a conscious choice regarding options for an open relationship with one another.To read a Q & A with our program leader of this program, click below.

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