At CYFS, advocating for policy and legislative actions that help bring about positive outcomes for the children and families we serve and the communities we work in is part of our mission.

Advocacy Alert: Tax Bill Legislation

As advocates and stewards for the social welfare of all, we at CYFS are gravely concerned about the proposed tax legislation making its way through congress.

If put into action, it will have a potentially damaging impact on our mission, those we serve, and our long-term ability to serve our clients and communities.

We have put together an analysis with the intention to help you – our community members and stakeholders – understand and sort through the potential ramifications this tax bill has, not only on nonprofit human service organizations like The Center for Youth and Family Solutions, but the very people we serve.

Take Action Today! Now is the time to advocate.

Please join us in this critical advocacy effort. Here are all the resources you need:

  • Here is Contact information for key legislative decision makers, including the Conference Committee, as well as moderate Senators who have a record of being open to reasonable negotiations.
  • This is a sample call to action letter with key talking points designed to be sent to congress.
Find your elected officials HERE.
Want an efficient way to use your voice?

Download the free app, Stance – available for both IPhone and Android phones. Record a voice message and Stance will send it directly to your Representatives’ phones. To check out the app, CLICK HERE.

Want to reach out directly to the Tax Bill Conference Committee? For full contact information CLICK HERE.