RSVP Insurance Coverage

All RSVP volunteers are covered by CIMA Insurance while they are serving with an RSVP Station, attending program activities or traveling between their home and place of volunteer service. This policy supplements any existing accident, liability or health insurance (including Medicare and Medicaid) carried by the volunteer and is offered at NO COST to the volunteer.

Accident Insurance Covers volunteers for any personal injuries that happen while they are on duty as an RSVP volunteer. Claims must be filed within 90 days of the accident. Please Note: If you have an accident at your volunteer station, please have your station supervisor contact the RSVP Project Director at 309-323-6620 immediately so we can help you navigate the necessary paperwork!

Personal Liability Insurance Covers damage to another person or property that is caused by the volunteer while performing their duties. Some limitations apply.

Automobile Liability Insurance This coverage is similar to the personal liability coverage but provides protection for situations involving a volunteer’s personal vehicle while driving to and from his or her volunteer station. This insurance only provides protection from damages occurring to another person’s vehicle. The volunteer’s personal auto insurance is responsible for any damage to the volunteer’s vehicle.

Life Insurance Provides $2500 for any RSVP members who dies as a result of an accident at his or her volunteer station or as a result of a vehicle accident either on their way to or on the way home from volunteering as an RSVP member.

This insurance is not a substitute for a volunteer’s personal insurance coverage (either health or auto) and only applies during times when a member is actively volunteering at his or her station. If you should have some type of accident, please report it immediately to both your station supervisor and the RSVP Project Director at 309-323-6620. If you are injured, please seek medical attention right away. Your safety is our first priority!

Note: As of July 1, 2014, coverage for volunteer will only be provide for claims that occur during volunteer assignments. There is no longer coverage for claims that occur when the volunteer is on the way to or from their volunteer assignment.

Download the Volunteer Insurance Brochure